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Thanks for checking in. This little impromptu site is where I'm going to be putting my longer writings, day to day journaling, and the majority of my photos and videos of my trips & life! My insta is a good place to get a sneak peek tho :)

Where Am I Now?

Vibin' back home in Portland, Oregon. Recently been spending a lot of time with tree #1 and tree #2. Catch me caring about the ecosystem while putting farm to table food in my system.


Where Am I Headed?

Back to school we go. Claremont, California is the destination, Claremont McKenna to be specific. According to the locals, the land of trees and degrees, but coming from Portland, it's really the land of small dessert shrubs, the occasional dehydrated tree and degrees. ps, It's very close to LA to stay tuned for that.

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